The girl stared wordlessly at her unusual company, the weight of unanswered questions masked behind an impassive, icy gaze. Discomfort began to settle, like a layer of dust atop old furniture stored away in an unused room. 

Unpleasant as it was,
                   she preferred it where it was easiest to ignore.

        “…Sure.” The snack having been gently placed into the palm of one hand, thick locks of teal were brushed away and out of sight with the other, once again exposing the stranger’s youthful visage.

        Hair like the petals of a sunflower, large eyes stained with baby blue color and an imperceptible aura that coated her like candy-covered fruit. The stranger’s image was almost comforting, though without any intelligible reason.

        “Do you have a name? If you’re planning to stay seated, you may as well tell me.”
                                                                                       ’…I’m sure you already know mine.’  

                   The chances of her curiosity being reciprocated
                                                                 were still zero to none. 

— \ ☣          A casual bite of her bar does not change its pace when she chews the grains and grinds them down, slowly but surely. In each bite she supposes there are tens of grains packed together, both similar and different like the lives of humanoids, though she prefers to link them to the cousin VOCALOIDs, crunched down hunks of metal that are lucky to be scraps if not totally demolished. Names are next to nonexistent. So she replies without a worry in the world, “Kagamine Rin.

        In a cognizance of pity she pauses eating, brows scrunched downwards as the rest of her visage falls. Amazing how the basic inquiry takes over her appetite and manipulates her food to look so unattractive, so much like her. Move two and a new thought is gathered, whispering tales that this is some wisecrack’s doings, that a new insult that will make her a perfectly vulnerable target, that this power bar is a bumbling symbol of her succumbing to failure. Has she stooped so low that the newer models are not even programmed to know her name?

                                              Two can figure out this game.

                                      “Just fooling you… I’m Hatsune Miku." _

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Every single time I see you on my dash I think you are tumblr user hidariyoin and I was about to say “Um that’s a Rin icon” until I realized who u were so yeah oops bye

outofcharacter → hhH UhUEhueheh u left mE in a ppool of mixed fee ligns omyogdo (((tell u a secret a lot of my rin icons are actually len dressing up as rin this is a traged  y


— \ ☣          “What’s taking you, Spring…?" _

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    “For crashing into you, of course.” A pair of gazes reflecting different shades of brilliant blue were connected one moment and torn the next, the teal-haired girl eyeing her company’s seemingly inexplicable movements with a certain, but languid curiosity.

How strange…
            Something was different.

    “Are you looking for something—?” An unusual question considering the situation, but wordlessly observing the other was permitting a sense of uneasiness to settle in her gut. That ill sensation…     Avoid it!

「Do not delve.」

    Again, that voice rang unending through her head, an echo that simply would not cease. Restless, drowning in the inescapable melodies that plagued her mind day and night, the girl’s patience was further exhausted with every second that passed her by.     Hurry! Time is running short—


— \ ☣         Oh."

                         One… two… three…

                                                      “That’s nothing.

            At last she settles with the truth as it slips between her lips like the breeze on this ordinary day, not too harshly nor daintily. What she is hearing is far from a surprise. It is an apology, no doubt, harboring the same tactics as hellos—simple fillers that piece together a platform for needless chatting, no happiness, no sadness, no strings attached. Ultimately, a standalone that remains so unless it becomes lucky enough to extend into a conversation.

                   Resistance takes more work, does it not? She decides to accept the empty seat without hesitation after shaking her head ‘no’, claws digging into her pockets to fish a pair of power bars. To have purchased two, oh! the force nature enjoys a twist for she has had no thought of who would have initially adopted the second treat.

                                                                         Old habits die hard.

                                                 The droid moves again, asking, “Want one?" _



「By the time visible tumors begin to despair 
           And come to suddenly sing songs of hope 
 By the time that idiots who spit on the air 
           Become grown, mature heroes to save us from ourselves」…

    Stale melody fell faintly from lips of pale pink, circling the girl whose gaze traced the cotton-like clouds towering over her. Shadows were cast in front, in behind, but she’d chosen her position to remain in reach of the sun’s comforting warmth. Icy eyes of teal blinked once as they crossed over the great ball of light, a sudden but brief blindness taking hold of her sight that cast her into darkness. 

It’s scary, It’s scary.
               Because I hate being scared, I want to fall asleep…

    Jolting upward from her seated posture, she wouldn’t have expected to crash into an unknowing passerby that sent her back against the bench she’d just risen from.

    “Ah… Sorry…” A delicate hand swept teal bangs from her eyes as the girl glanced up to meet the stare of the unfortunate victim of her inattentiveness.


— \ ☣          Musical notes drift between the strings of air, each piece colliding with their paired lyric in the game to exceed this external obstacle—to be heard, to have lured. It is neither a pleasantry nor misfortune that the synth becomes the checkpoint when the tune sweeps her systems and takes her in. But what now? As she stares at the source of action she stays standing, having not but one duty that is to remain still and wait for the other to proceed. Yet a query is sent in retaliation anyhow:

                                                        “What for?

   This is nothing new, nothing out-of-place. Their systems are designed to familiarize both their hardware and software, modern and the out-dated alike. Assuming that they are both androids.


                “Is anybody…?" She gestures to the empty space beside her with a half-attempt of lifting her arm, eyes however glued in a position that mirrors the tealette’s. _


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You disappeared in a sea of people, leaving me to wander alone. 

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outofcharacter → beAUTIMOUs FREI ND iF by that you mean takoluka it shall be a breez e ahohoho ((buT I Can TRy SOME ReGULAR LUkAS IT”lL BE AN HONOUR KISSKISS[[[[ALSO FEEL FREE TO REMOVE THOSE BOMB AS HE CK SHADES AND TALK ONE ON ON E SO IT’LL BE eASIER AND STUF F

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